Key Benefits

Don’t just buy an EMM license
Buy a complete Managed Mobility license.

With a unique AI Engine.

Our platform has built in intelligence – it monitors the usage of mobile technology and automatically moves devices to new profiles based on how frequently they are used.
This means you always have a live asset register of mobile devices without any human intervention.

Device in repair or in a spares pool? – no problem – our system knows and automatically changes the device status to inactive. Then when device come back from repair or returning to active use – no problem either – our system changes the status to active – populates dashboards and places back in live asset list.

With a unique AI Engine.

We connect your Hub to an EMM or MDM.

Turn it on or off each month just paying for what you need!

DEPLOY -- Push Business Apps & Policies

Enrol your devices, define Wi-Fi and network settings, define groups or users, push or block or update applications, register devices in bulk without manual configuration

SECURE -- Protect your Business Data

Geolocate, define fencing areas, lock, wipe your device, enforce strong password, configure over 50 device policies, lock-down in Kiosk mode, separate pro and personal data

MANAGE -- Manage Android Devices

Lifecycle management, dashboard, advance OEM integrations, remote control, detailed monitoring of your devices (memory, battery, hardware…)

Kiosk Mode / Device Lock Down
Use this to restrict a mobile device to the business critical applications only to ensure device security, data privacy and productivity. Prevent rogue apps and malware by controlling what can and can’t be installed.

Deploys policies, apps and content based on precise visual locations (e.g. office, customer site, etc.). Trigger alerts and actions when a device breaches the ‘set zone’ that you have created

Content Management

Corporate files and content and be created, edited and upload to any selected mobile device. Control who sees what file and information and audit the distribution of critical data such as Health and Safety. 

How much can you save with better RMA management?

Service Management takes up so much of your team’s time.

Surely there has to be a better way?

Our AI Hub will manage all warranty and service contracts in place – it will highlight any needing attention as well as alerting you 90 days before expiry.

Any service / RMA ticket created in the Hub is auto-populated with all the relevant information such as device details and serial number.
Better still, once completed it automatically issues the RMA direct to the vendors so you don’t need to.

Finally a solution to take the huge service burden from your team and they can start to be proactive.

Unique Log in profiles
When you log in you only see your estate and can segment this further by site or department.
Fully Secure
Our hosted cloud is fully secure and provides a containerized database set up exclusively for you and your managed devices. Profile Manager enables passwords to be set and administered.
Custom Alerts and Reporting
Our system gives you the flexibility to customise how you want to be alerted and on which parameters. Set the exact data bundle for your customer for example.
Create custom reporting on – device usage, battery performance, network coverage and when devices were dropped!

Integrate to other systems

As you and your customers are accessing your platform on a regular basis to manage the mobile estate, why not pull in data from other sources – such as an OEM analytics from the likes of Honeywell with their Operation Intelligence product or from Zebra with their Visibility IQ solution? We integrate to other systems to enhance a feature rich service.

All the services you need – in one pane of glass.

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