What we do:

We create the best experience to manage and support mobile technology – the platform is called The Preference Hub.
This mobile device management platform then acts as a hub to connect to Mobile Device Management software (known as MDM or EMM), a sophisticated device insights tool and a support ticket system (known as ITSM).
It gives you one place to go and acts as a central mobile device management solution that enables you to maximise mobile technology security, performance and visibility.
Mobile user productivity is maximised increasing uptime and predicting issues

Why we are better:

There is nothing like this on the market today. It is fully customisable for you to create a unique experience and therefore leverage the platforms capability to drive better outcomes. We charge monthly so you can scale up and down easily with demand and minimise your exposure.
With each license you get:
– fully customised Azure hosted management platform.
– comprehensive mobile device analytics with dashboards, alerts and reports
– an EMM license for device application management, lock down and enrolment
– a custom ticket for your customers to log RMA repairs or support requests.

Why is it important:

The Mobile device management market is set to grow 10X over the next 6 years. More than ever remote working is a way of life and all this technology needs managing. By 2025 over 41 billion devices will be connected at the edge, all needing attention – so the opportunity to manage mobile is becoming one of the biggest trends in IT.
Our platform is sold on a per/device/month subscription and is needed on any device that connects to your network – Corporately owned (COPE) or personally owned (BYOD).


Founder and CEO

We are Dazzle and we help you skyrocket the experience in managing mobile devices.

We are a team of dynamic and energetic tech enthusiasts, passionate about innovation and bringing disruptive technology to market.

Our stable of solutions is centered on the unprecedented growth in mobile technology. Now, more than ever, it is essential to implement policies and systems to protect the perimeter less organization.

With over 25 years of experience of working within the mobile technology industry and having managed tens of thousands of devices, our team is best placed to offer independent advice and support you on this journey.

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