Managing Mobile Technology – Made Easy


Get The Preference Hub Advantage:

  A secure web hub with everything you need to manage all your mobile technology in one place.

Mobile Device management, analytics, service tickets, and communication directly to any device / user.

✓ Save time by automating the Service and RMA Process across multiple OEM’s – one click and the ticket is submitted and managed.

✓ Never lose a device again with a live and accurate ‘asset register’ including in-built alerts.

✓ No training, just point and click for reports, dashboards, and actionable insights.

Skyrocket your experience:

Your unique innovative mobile device management ‘hub’ giving you one place to go.

Connect any MDM to your hub AND add essential insights that you don’t get with an MDM/EMM on its own – such as drop detection, live usage data and health stats.

Automate the repair processes and enable RMA’s to be automatically sent to any OEM saving you hours and enabling you to maximise uptime.

Unique Managed Mobility

The Preference Hub Advantage


Put a halo around every device and have our app monitor in real time all the health, performance and security of each mobile device. Pool all this data into custom alerts / reports that help prevent issues before they happen. Leverage our live track with it’s unique AI engine to ensure you have an up to date list of devices, serial numbers and usage.


MDM software is used to manage the applications and security on all devices that connect to your systems/network – both Corporately owned (COPE) and Personally owned (BYOD). Link this software directly to your Hub. Or take our disruptive and lowest cost solution to be more flexible with month by month billing.


Track all warranty and service contacts and have our system alert you on up and coming expiry dates. Link direct to all OEM’s to manage the RMA process -saving thousands of pounds in admin time.

Drop alerts

Get alerts when any device has been dropped or damaged.

Data Usage

Manage your mobile data bundles with live visibility of how much data is being used by each device and for what.

Secure Content

Send secure content to any or all mobile devices – such as health & safety compliance or company documents.

Real time App usage

Visibility and reporting on all the applications used across your estate. See this both on an individual device and and across the entire estate.


Manage unlimited devices


Manage any number of Sites / Locations


Drive Services across 71 features


Plug in to over 22 other systems

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